Satozaki Retirement Ceremony – Orix @ Lotte, 28 Sep 2014


Lotte WINS 4-2, Satozaki Retires a Hero

Orix: Kazumasa Yoshida (5-5 3.56) @ Lotte: Hideaki Wakui (7-12 4.31)

Tonight we honored Tomoya Satozaki and his retirement after 16 seasons as catcher for Our Marines. Sato-chan was with Lotte for two Nippon Series Championships, 2005 & 2010, also winning World Baseball Classic Gold in 2006. Injuries have kept him out nearly all year, but he was given one last chance for a goodbye with the start tonight leading off as DH.

We’re working on a Satozaki tribute post that’ll be up within the week. In the meantime, both Steve and I were in attendance tonight, so below is some media we took. This was the second-to-last game of the season, with Our Marines officially dropping out of contention last Thursday. Thus, tonight was all about Satozaki.

Here’s some video Steve shot from our seats:

Quick mention about the game. Wakui got his first career home win at QVC, going 6 innings for 1 earned run. Kakunaka drove in 3 runs on a 1st inning RBI single and 3rd inning 2-run home run. Nemoto drove in the other run, following Kakunaka with an RBI single of his own in the 1st. Katoh made a great catch in the 6th, perhaps one of the best of the year. We’ll have to decide soon for our upcoming season review posts. For now, enjoy the Satozaki love.

Digest from Pacific League TV

Box Score in English

Here’s a quick gallery of some photos. Most are from Steve’s camera, others from my iPhone. We didn’t have the greatest seats, but I’ll trade that for a crowd of 30,000+ every time.

The Final Stretch: Hamu @ Lotte, 23-26 September 2014

QVC Sunset

If you want to be totally negative, you can say the 2014 Chiba Lotte Marines’ backs are flush against the wall. The margin of error is not slim; it’s non-existent. Our Marines must win every game – 6 of them. Hamu must lose every game – 11 of those. If that happens, if these guys can pull off that miracle, Hamu collapses that badly – Chiba STILL needs help in the form of Rakuten and Seibu losing a game or two. Yes, it’s the unlikeliest of scenarios, indeed, but until all chance is drained from the season we will cheer and cheer with ALL our zeal for Our Marines to move on.

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The Final Stretch: Orix @ Lotte, 19-21 September 2014

QVC Lucky 7

There’s just nine games left to go, all of which are at home, with the last full three game weekend set starting tonight. It’s still a tight race for the bottom three spots in the PL, with Rakuten and Seibu tied for forth, and Our Marines a half game back. If for some strange reason you’re curious, the puts of nine games back of third. So technically we are not eliminated from the post-season just yet, but the magic number is three.

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Lotte News and Notes: 17 Sep 2014


You might think that with the generally miserable season Our Marines have had that there would be no great news to share. Au contraire, mon frere! There’s all sorts of interesting things going on, many of them quite good!

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Lotte @ Rakuten, 16-18 September 2014


Last road trip of the year? Yup, last road trip of the year. Hard to believe we’re at that time of year already but indeed it’s true – this series in Sendai makes the last three road games of the 2014 season. This series sadly also is the final opportunity for Our Marines to win a season series with a PL team. Chiba has 12 losses (exactly) in every head-to-head matchup except with Rakuten, against whom we have 11. Hey, it’s not much, but it would be nice to be better than at least one PL team.

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