Lotte @ Hamu, 29-31 August 2014

Tokyo_Dome_20131115Series Preview
Things that went wrong in that last series:

1) Everything.

After thing started to look up in the preceding two series, Our Marines made their last trip to Kansai this year and got mauled. 3 runs scored – total. Shutout twice. Not so competitive in the other game. Furuya, injured. And as a capper, Hamu won two of three in Fukuoka so that 6 game deficit is an astounding 8 games with just 27 to go.

Want some good news? Sure it’s thin on the ground here, but our lovely rookie Ishikawa (arguably the best pitcher on the team this year, and undoubtedly the best among the starters) is back and starting game 1. The next three games are against the Fighters, sitting in third. The math is very poor indeed, though, and Chiba really, really, really needs a sweep of this three game set in Tokyo Dome to even begin to think about making a run at A-Class.


Game 1 – Lotte Loses 8-3

Lotte: Ayumu Ishikawa (7-5, 3.27 ERA) @ Hamu: Hiroshi Urano (6-2, 3.93 ERA)


Game 2 – Lotte @ Hamu, Tokyo Dome, 29 August, 15:00

Projected Starters Lotte: Yuki Karakawa (2-8, 5.34 ERA) @ Hamu: Mitsuo Yoshikawa (1-4, 6.10 ERA)


Game 3 – Lotte @ Hamu, Tokyo Dome, 29 August, 13:00

Projected Starters Lotte: – (-, – ERA) @ Hamu: Naoyuki Uwasawa (7-6, 3.38 ERA)

Lotte @ Buffaloes, 26-28 August 2014


It’s actually quite simple – don’t worry about Hamu. Lotte’s just gotta win some games. There’s 30 games left for Our Marines, 33 for the Fighters. Assuming no ties, that means if Hamu maintains its season winning percentage of .509, Chiba’s gotta go 22-8 in these last 30 games to overcome. Can it be done? Sure, why not? 7 of the remaining are vs those same Fighters (all in Kanto), and 13 of the remaining are vs the nothing-to-play-for Lions and Eagles. Why not win a whole lot of those games?

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Hawks @ Lotte, 22-24 August 2014


We fans should never complain when our team goes into the final game of a series with a chance for a sweep, especially versus a solid team like Orix. So even though the result in that final game feels disappointing, like an opportunity missed, we’ll be happy with taking 2 of three.

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Orix @ Lotte, August 19-21 2014


I know I’ve written off the team on two separate occasions in just the last three weeks. We’re fans, that what we do. We’re still mathematically alive though, and this coming two week stretch is likely going to be the true determining period for Our Marines. The next two weeks features a home-and-home with the 2nd place Buffaloes, a home set with the 1st place Hawks in between, and then we end the month with a 3-game Tokyo Dome series versus the 3rd place Fighters.

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Lotte @ Rakuten, 15-17 August 2014


That glimmer of hope we all had after the 5 game win streak has summarily been smashed against the cold, unyielding truth of reality. Chiba has lost 8 in a row to the Fighters, a team which (if I try to think objectively) just should not be as good as our guys. Not now. But unfortunately the results on the field are saying otherwise, and the 2.5 game deficit that seemed so promising just 4 days ago is now a bleak 5.5 game pit.

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