The Jinx Stinks!

CHyHlhqVEAA4Q_l This is the 7th year I’ve been doing this blog, and I just learned something that is both odd and deeply stupid.

Look at that image on the right – that’s the results for Lotte for the first game after interleague play since it began in 2005. And yep, Our Marines have dropped every single game in this span including a rather poor 6-0 loss last year. This year gives us The Baby-Faced Killer, fresh off a nice outing vs Gomiuri last week, and strangely enough not on that list of losing pitchers.


Nope, that 10-game streak is now an 11-game streak as Karakawa goes 6+ of 2-run ball, all runs on a Fujita double in the 3rd, but loses 2-1 as Our Marines’ Bats can only squeak out a measly run off 13 base runners. That’s just baseball, there’s tons of games like that every year (though given the pitching this year, not so many), and this streak is just a dumb statistical oddity, not an indicator of anything meaningful and certainly not a jinx.

But still, 11 losses in a row to restart PL play is a pretty strange coincidence, right?

Interleague Love Song

Kakunaka owning at Koshien. photo from

Our Marines finished the 2015 interleague season with a winning record of 10-8, pulling themselves back up to the .500 in the process totaling 31 wins and 31 losses on the season.

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On Kiyota

Happy Kiyota

We’ve long been fans of Ikuhiro Kiyota ’round this site, and I’ve been a strong advocate for putting him in the starting lineup and letting him get comfortable, seeing what he can do with extended playing time. What’s not to like about Kiyota?

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Some Things I Like – Start of Interleague Edition


We’re at roughly the third-of-the-way point of the 2015 Chiba Lotte Marines Golden Year presented by Steve and Craig at We Love Marines (dot) Com campaign and I gotta say that… yeah, the 21-23 record is a wee bit disappointing. With a win on Sunday at Orix we Fans of Lotte could have said, “Hey, at least we’re at .500″, but instead I’m just going to say “Hey, at least we ain’t Orix.” With that in mind, I want to focus a bit on the things I like so far this year.

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Notes – 40 Game Mark (Games 33-40)

May 13 – Birthday boy Tamura got the scoring started with an RBI single in a 5 run 5th, leading to a 6-2 win over SoftBank.  Photo from

We come into the forty game mark at 4-4 since we last checked in and 18-22 overall.

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