Lotte News and Notes: 17 Sep 2014

You might think that with the generally miserable season Our Marines have had that there would be no great news to share. Au contraire, mon frere! There’s all sorts of interesting things going on, many of them quite good!

eastern-leagueWe Are the Champions!
…of the Eastern League! Yes, Lotte has had quite the habit of winning ni-gun championships over the years, even pulling the double (ichi/ni gun champs) in 2010. Still it’s nice to see another this year – goes to show there’s plenty of talent in the pipeline1. Urawa clinched the title on Monday with a come-from-behind 5-4 victory at home.

1Some might be cynical and say it was a given that the ni-gun team would win the vast amount of talent in ni-gun, with guys like Kiyota, Aja, Katoh, T OGINO, Ohmatsu all getting significant playing time there. Some might be cynical and dwell on that point. Me, I’ll just state it and let it be.

Our Ni-Gun Marines will play for the overall ni-gun title on 4 October at Sun Marine Stadium in lovely Miyazaki. The opponent has yet to be decided as ni-gun Hawks and Carp are still battling for the Western league crown. Great work by Aoyama-Kantoku in putting together a winning squad.

0810-okadaAward Winners
We Love Marines here, of course, and we really love Yoshifumi Okada. How can we not? Despite his limitations as a player (he holds the NPB record for most career plate appearances without a home run at 1846 and counting, for example) his skill as a baserunner and an elite center fielder have made him one of the team’s most popular players.

Okada was the PL Gold Glove winner for 2011 and 2012, as well as receiving a special award for his amazing 359 consecutive chances in 2011 without an error – especially amazing considering how he plays CF. This year Okada is the 9th Georgia Spirit Award winner for his series of amazing plays vs Seibu in August – see the picture to the right (from for the first play. Congrats to Okada for receiving recognition for his fine work. See the video replay of the play here:


from is not the only award winner on Our Marines – our young catcher Tatsuhiro Tamura also received recognition for his fine work. Tamura just turned 20 this year and is in his second year on the team. He’s gotten significant playing time late in the year after rookie Yoshida went down with an ankle injury.

In the short time he has been with the ichi-gun squad he’s developed a reputation as a solid, even at times spectacular catcher thanks to his powerful throwing arm and quick release. Now he’s also been noticed for his work at the plate. Maybe you remember the game on 19 August versus Orix – if not, feel free to reminisce with Craig’s nice writeup. That sayonara stroke by Tamura earned him the Sky Perfect! Sayonara Award. Congrats to Tamura-kun!

Sato's got wings

from @painomi64

Goodbye to a Lotte Legend
As we’ve mentioned, our long time catcher Tomoya Satozaki is retiring at the age of 38 after 16 years in a Lotte uniform. The process of giving thanks to a player who has provided us with so much joy over the years has already begun – ni-gun players gave him a “doage” at Urawa Kyujo over the weekend, and after the Eastern League championship clinching win on Monday hundreds of fans lined up to say bye to Sato. I’ll have much more about his career before the end of the season.

The retirement game for Satozaki has already been decided – it will be the final weekend game of the season, 28 September at QVC vs Orix. Satozaki will put on his uniform for the last time as a player (I hope he returns as a coach!) and stand in the batter box one last time. I expect deafening cheers from the crowd, and quite a few tears as well – yours truly, included.

Orix @ Lotte, 19-21 September 2014

QVC Lucky 7

There’s just nine games left to go, all of which are at home, with the last full three game weekend set starting tonight. It’s still a tight race for the bottom three spots in the PL, with Rakuten and Seibu tied for forth, and Our Marines a half game back. If for some strange reason you’re curious, the puts of nine games back of third. So technically we are not eliminated from the post-season just yet, but the magic number is three.

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Lotte @ Rakuten, 16-18 September 2014


Last road trip of the year? Yup, last road trip of the year. Hard to believe we’re at that time of year already but indeed it’s true – this series in Sendai makes the last three road games of the 2014 season. This series sadly also is the final opportunity for Our Marines to win a season series with a PL team. Chiba has 12 losses (exactly) in every head-to-head matchup except with Rakuten, against whom we have 11. Hey, it’s not much, but it would be nice to be better than at least one PL team.

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Lotte @ SoftBank, 13-15 September 2014


Our Marines might be out of contention, but all kidding aside, it’s been an entertaining September. Take away the three shutout losses and 29 inning scoreless steak – which in it of itself became compelling – and Our Marines are 5-1. Playing spoiler to the Hawks’ first place run this holiday weekend could add some more September gratification.

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Seibu @ Lotte, 8-11 September 2014


Ah, the fun time of the year, right? We fans, resigned to our fate as a B Class team, get to enjoy the stress-free pleasures of meaningless September ball. But is it so stress-free when the team can’t seem to put any runs across the plate?

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