Introducing Your 2018 Lotte All-Stars

On Monday, NPB released the final rosters for the All-Star games next week in Kyocera Dome (7/13) and Kumamoto (7/14). As I have mentioned over the past few weeks, many players are putting up strong numbers in the first half. However, no members of Our Marines made the cut in either the fan voting (for the 5th year in a …


A-Class, Baby, A-Class!

Two weeks ago Our Marines looked to be dead in the water. Back-to-back losses with only 3 hits combined left the guys reeling at 6 games under – dropping out of 4th seemed more likely than seizing 3rd. 12 games later and Chiba’s racked up 10 wins and just two losses – by a combined 2 runs – and with two games remaining on the 2015 Regular Season calendar Lotte has booked a ticket to Sapporo and the first stage of the Climax Series.

What a truly an amazing turn of events!


Yes! Lotte are Your 2014 (Farm) Champions!

Who said there are no championships to be had for Our Marines this season? Sure, we fans wanted to see the Pacific League and NPB championships most of all, but you know what? The NPB Farm Championship is right behind those.


Satozaki Retirement Ceremony – Orix @ Lotte, 28 Sep 2014

Lotte WINS 4-2, Satozaki Retires a Hero Orix: Kazumasa Yoshida (5-5 3.56) @ Lotte: Hideaki Wakui (7-12 4.31) Tonight we honored Tomoya Satozaki and his retirement after 16 seasons as catcher for Our Marines. Sato-chan was with Lotte for two Nippon Series Championships, 2005 & 2010, also winning World Baseball Classic Gold in 2006. Injuries have kept him out nearly …

Lotte News and Notes: 17 Sep 2014

You might think that with the generally miserable season Our Marines have had that there would be no great news to share. Au contraire, mon frere! There’s all sorts of interesting things going on, many of them quite good!


We’re Going To SENDAI!

Lotte Fans!


Our Marines did it! They quickly forgot Sunday’s Game 2 and put together a complete 4-1 victory!

The pitching – wonderful. Karakawa, Uchi, Rosa, and Masuda kept the game fully under control.

The batting – a huge homer by Daichi (the Lion Killer), Iguchi, and a game-sealing 2-run triple by Kakunaka.

The tickets are booked for SENDAI! We’re in the Climax Series Final Stage!


LOTTE FANS! It’s been three years since Our Marines have played meaningful October baseball but baby, we’re doing it this year! With tonight’s loss by the Hawks, Chiba can finish no worse than third in the Pacific League. And of course, we still have the inside track at coming in second. A pair of wins this weekend vs Orix will …


I Love a Parade!

A good old fashioned victory parade. Yeah, we didn’t see that one coming in September! I’m a doofus who can’t read a parade map properly, so instead of being in the thick of torrent of paper raining down upon Our Marines as they celebrated their amazing run to the Nippon Series title I got to stand on the main road …