Some Things I Like – Start of Interleague Edition

We’re at roughly the third-of-the-way point of the 2015 Chiba Lotte Marines Golden Year presented by Steve and Craig at We Love Marines (dot) Com campaign and I gotta say that… yeah, the 21-23 record is a wee bit disappointing. With a win on Sunday at Orix we Fans of Lotte could have said, “Hey, at least we’re at .500”, but instead I’m just going to say “Hey, at least we ain’t Orix.” With that in mind, I want to focus a bit on the things I like so far this year.


CS Final Stage Game 3 & 4: It’s All Over

Friends, I’d like to tell you that this season ended with another storybook run to a Nippon Series title a la 2010, but it’s not going to be.

Our Marines fought hard through so much this year, but ultimately they – we – lost the last two games to Rakuten in Sendai. That’s 2-0 on Saturday, and after a rainout on Sunday, an 8-5 loss to send Rakuten to the Nippon Series on Monday.

A Series Win!

MY GOD. HE POSTS TWICE IN A WEEK. What can I say, I am in a chatty mood. Here’s what you need to know about the series with Nippon Ham: 2-1. Really, that’s the most important part. We’ve had our troubles against the Fighters in recent years but they’ve lost a lot of guys and are in a bit of …


Look – It’s Baseball Time!

OMG – Is this an update to the site? It is, it is! Actually I’ve been working on some site redesign stuff for quite some time now – just a way to make things easier for me to create content and hopefully easier to read for both of you who are actually still clicking on this site now and then. …


Miracle Marines – The Fan Experience

(I apologize – I wrote this last week but didn’t like one part of it so I kept it offline until now) It’s a great time to be a Lotte fan, and just as good a time to be a retailer with a Chiba or Marines tie-in. The Family Mart by my office has 30% off all Lotte stuff. Many …

Merch in the Lurch

I hope you don’t think I am in a down mood after the last game. I’m NOT! I’m in a GREAT mood! See, we’re now perfectly set-up to throw our three best starters, at home, all in a row. Chunichi is certainly without their ace for the next three games (Chen) as they wasted him on a game where our …


Miracle Marines Mega Multi-Media M…extravaganza? – Part 1

I want to share some of my recent videos and some videos that I’ve enjoyed from other Marines fans. These are generally all Climax Series related. I’m just using a regular camera as my video camera and that sort of thing just isn’t my specialty, so I apologize for the poor at times video quality. Here’s a couple of videos …


That Darned Hat

I took a break from writing, the Marines took a break from winning. Actually, the first week I didn’t write anything was due to the games running so-o-o late. Lotte played 12 inning games on consecutive nights (tying one, losing the other very very badly in the 12th), the second of which went so late I barely made the last …


On the First Quarter of 2010

Every once in a while I try to fake being a Real Baseball Writer – I’ll whip out a stat or two, try to argue a point, basically do something other than waste a whole bunch of bandwidth with obsessive amounts of photos and snide comments. (OK – you are now thinking “Yeah right, when did you do anything other …


On the Impermanence of Baseball

Or, perhaps more fittingly, the permanence of weather variations in Chiba – the more things change, the more they stay the same. Tickets in hand for tonight’s game with Orix – looking forward to the first home game in a week. Weather: temps dropping. People supposed to go to the game with me: dropping out. Wisely, it seemed – rain …