After a Sneak Peak, A Season Preview

The 2017 Chiba Lotte Marines season is about to get underway¬†– time for us to take a look at how Itoh-kantoku’s guys are shaping up. I can hear your comments already – “Steve, isn’t it cheating to write a season preview after the first week of the season has already been played?” ¬†I must admit – Well, yeah, of course …


2014 Season Preview: Position Players

We just took a look yesterday at the pitchers for the 2014 version of Our Marines. The pitching situation is pretty straightforward with a lot of depth both in the rotation and in the pen. The situation for position players is a bit different, though, with lots more variables to consider.


2014 Season Preview: The Pitchers

The preaseason is over, the 2014 NPB regular season kicks off this Friday! Let’s take a look at the players who will be starting the season at ichi-gun for Our Marines. First, the pitchers.


The 100% Biased Climax Series First Stage Preview

You know it's coming.

If you came to this site looking for balanced, level-headed coverage of Our Marines and their trip through the NPB post season – well friend, you came to the wrong site. I have a standard that I apply to fan blogs, especially my own: If you’re not biased in your coverage, you don’t love your team enough. And this is We LOVE Marines – so clearly we love Our Marines, it says so in the title. Seibu coverage can be found at I Enjoy Lions (Even Though Being A Seibu Fan Is Not As Much Fun As Being A Lotte Fan, But Whatever).com.


Nippon Series – A Brief Preview

I’m in Nagoya now, awaiting the first game of the Nippon Series. Back in Chiba it’s 14 C/57 F and a typhoon is on the way; here it’s just cloudy and cold. Good thing the game today is in Nagoya or else there wouldn’t be a game 1 today. I’d like to take a quick look at how Our Marines …

Operation: Down Daiei

FUKUOKA – Chiba Lotte Marines manager Norifumi Nishimura has called a team meeting. “Men, just last weekend we made grown men cry in Saitama. The team had big expectations this year. The fans believed lions – lions! When has anyone ever gotten the truth out of a lion? I digress.” “Men, they will tell us that we cannot win this …

Climax Series First Stage – Game 1 Preview

It’s here! Today’s the first game of the 2010 Pacific League Climax Series, First Stage. I could not be more stoked for this game. I added some final statistics from this season so you can see how things shook out – check out the 2010 Statistics tab up top. One thing you’ll notice is the dominance of two players – …


Spring Camp in Session

Sure, Spring Camps have opened as of this week, but I’m talking about Blog Spring Camp. I went into a bit of a hiatus after the end of last season (as you may have noticed). Because I had to go on a business trip the last week of the season I missed the last game. When I returned the season …