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Miracle Marines Mega Multi-Media M…extravaganza? – Part 1

I want to share some of my recent videos and some videos that I’ve enjoyed from other Marines fans. These are generally all Climax Series related. I’m just using a regular camera as my video camera and that sort of thing just isn’t my specialty, so I apologize for the poor at times video quality.

Here’s a couple of videos from the Game 6 public viewing at Chiba Marine. It was so invigorating to watch the game with so many other hard core fans. I’m sure the Marines players felt the energy from the cheering all the way in Fukuoka!

The first video is Iguchi’s ouenka and a run scored.

Here’s the A-Seki ouendan singing Fukuura’s ouenka.

And also Imae’s ouenka.

I put this on YouTube a few weeks ago but never linked it here. It’s from the after party at Seibu Dome after the thrilling comeback in Game 1 of the Climax Series. This was taken quite a bit of time after the end of the game.

This one is from the same game from YouTube user breakingball30. I was standing just a bit behind where this video was taken. The audio is poor but the mood is just perfect – it’s taken from the time of Satozaki’s game-tying 2 RBIs.

And another cool one from Shada026 of the end of the second game of the Climax Series First Stage.

He hasn’t played since May but we still love Ogino (Ta-Ka-Shi!). Here’s a great one from hirune5656 after Game 2 of the Seibu series.

And another – indescribably happy fans! Love the crowd surfing.

Finally – not from the Climax Series (this was shot in September) – it’s a band whose name I did not catch performing with our dear Mar-Kun. Rock on, little bird!

I’ve got a bunch of non-video stuff to share to get you ready for NIPPON SERIES 2010. Tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Miracle Marines Mega Multi-Media M…extravaganza? – Part 1”

  1. Great clips. I personally like Iguchi and Ogino’s songs very much. Any news on Ogino? Be good to have him back. Chiba Marines Stadium is going to blow up in the Japan Series. Can’t wait.

  2. Ogino was with the team last week but they said his knee was still too injured to join practice. I don’t know how much I buy it – I wonder if it is a little psychological ploy; insert Ogino when nobody expects him?

    Chiba Marine is going to be FANTASTIC. I did get tickets to all games so I will be right there in the action.

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