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We’re Going To SENDAI!

Lotte Fans!


Our Marines did it! They quickly forgot Sunday’s Game 2 and put together a complete 4-1 victory!

The pitching – wonderful. Karakawa, Uchi, Rosa, and Masuda kept the game fully under control.

The batting – a huge homer by Daichi (the Lion Killer), Iguchi, and a game-sealing 2-run triple by Kakunaka.

The tickets are booked for SENDAI! We’re in the Climax Series Final Stage!

It was fitting, though perhaps surprising, that the final game between the bitter rivals Seibu and Lotte would be such an exciting affair.

6 thoughts on “We’re Going To SENDAI!”

  1. OMG, what a game!!! Daichi’s home run, Okada’s big steal and that triple from Kakunaka had me almost in tears. (Granted, I cry easily. lol) The pitching was just sooo much better today, and gotta love Iguchi adding to the score again! It wasn’t a blow out, just a good, well-fought battle! ๐Ÿ™‚
    This is the first Marines playoff win I could actually watch, and I definitely won’t forget it!!

    Now to set our sights on Sendai!! I feel like Typhoon 26 is a sign of the power we will unleash! But hopefully the storm doesn’t screw anything up, just gives its power to the team and fans. ^^;

    1. I wasn’t almost in tears, I was in tears in the 9th inning. I freely admit it. Such a well fought game, and one that everyone is going to remember for a long, long time. So glad you could watch it.

      I’ll get into it more when i write the game up in detail tonight (I’ll use the same post) but I almost think that Kakunaka should have been the player of the game for that triple. It’s easy to point to Daichi’s jack as a tone setter but Seibu still had a hell of a lot of fight in them, even after the Iguchi smash. But after the Kakunaka triple, it seemed pretty inevitable that we were going to win.

      I’d be surprised if I wasn’t on TV then – I ran around the naiya concourse like a madman after that triple.

      1. I totally agree with you on Kakunaka! Daichi’s home run was important, but I feel like those last two RBIs were the real highlight of the game!! And they just sucked the hope right outta Seibu.

        NHK didn’t play much of the stands. ๐Ÿ™ But they did show a ton of shots of Makita crying after he got pulled. I think he was even in the highlight reel. That was kind of depressing to watch. ^^;;

        By the way…. do you know how hard it would be to get Japan Series tickets at a conibini or something? All my friends are entered a fan club lottery, but I can’t even do that. :/
        If I could snag some, I could try to make it to two games in a row. But my luck isn’t good with fast-selling tickets; usually I just go to scalpers. Chiba’s a bit of a trek to take a chance on scalped tickets, though.

        1. Oh you don’t need to enter a fan club lottery – there’s a regular lottery:


          In 2010 I entered 73 billion times (roughly) and won tickets to every game but a couple. Those I picked up on auction for not that bad – much better than the scalper route. Anyway we can discuss that a bit closer to ticket sales time. I’m pretty good at getting tickets by hook or by crook.

          Speaking of which, I got visitor reserved seats for Sendai – Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Not cheap thanks to scalpers but what do you do, right? Not go? No way.

        2. I got excited for a few seconds, but it looks like you have to pay by credit card for all the lottery options. orz I really need to get one in Japan down the line.
          I’d like to get to game 6 and 7, so I’ll try the normal ticketing method on the 25th. At least they go on sale at a time I can actually be at a conbini. If not…. I might just have to follow from Nagoya.

          You’re going to Sendai?! I saw you had booked hotels, but wasn’t sure if you were going to make it. That’s awesome! Most people I know are PV-ing at QVC, so I’m a little worried Kleenex won’t be as black as Seibu Dome. Cheer hard! ็งใฎๅˆ†ใพใงๅฟœๆดใ‚ˆใ‚ใ—ใใญ!

        3. Yeah, they do require CC. I’ll be putting in for extra tickets, though, so we can work it out. FYI the prepaid Visa cards seem to work online, too, though I have never used them for tickets.

          I am confirmed as going to Sendai! It won’t be nearly as black as Seibu but we are loud even when we are small. They will know we are there.

          I actually have one extra ticket for both Sat and Sun’s games – need to see if anyone wants to join.

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