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Hit Hit and Run

Sunday morning: coffee and fresh sandwich in hand, listening to “Air on G String” for breakfast.

Time is smoothly moving – I am enjoying this moment. The feeling is probably not the same if any of the above items are missing.

Speed star Tsuyoshi and Ogino collided with each other in the last game. I am very worried about Tsuyoshi. He is the one who provides the energy not only to the Marines team but also many of the Marines fans. I looked at his blog this morning. He seemed OK to play, which is good news for all of us. No matter how many of the other Marines players play well, we need Tsuyoshi to play because he is an important part of the Chiba Marines family. I want to see Tsuyoshi’s hit and run today, and I hope that we can win the game today against Nippon Ham.

By the way, the ham in my sandwich – that was pretty tasty.

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  1. He looked better than good today – 4-4 with a HR, walk, and 2 RBI. If this is how he plays when he gets injured, I want to see him healthy!

    Ham Sandwich, mmm. We had Texas Tacos for lunch 🙂

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