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2010 Nippon Series CHAMPIONS!

Victory Parade Information
The Victory Parade is on Sunday 21 November in Makuhari. It starts at 11am and should last an hour. After the parade there will be a celebration at Chiba Marine Stadium!

The best part about the parade for those who cannot attend – it will be broadcast on the internet!

Here’s the parade route map.

Victory Goods
It looks like some are starting to be released. Next year’s calendar is out on Sunday, as well as goods celebrating Tsuyoshi’s 200 hit season. The official season in review DVD is also due to come out on Sunday. This is carried on Amazon Japan as well so you can order it even if you don’t live in Japan!

2010 Nippon Series Results
Game Date Day
Game 1 30 October Saturday Lotte Wins!
5 – 2
Game 2 31 October Sunday OK, you can’t win them all.
1 – 12
Game 3 2 November Tuesday Lotte Wins!
7 – 1
Game 4 3 November Wednesday That one hurt.
3 – 4 (11)
Game 5 4 November Thursday Lotte Wins!
10 – 4
Game 6 6 November Saturday It’s… A tie?
2 – 2
Game 7 7 November Sunday LOTTE WINS!!!
8 – 7 (12)

Ladies and gentlemen, meet your 2010 Nippon Series Champion Chiba Lotte Marines!!!

They truly are the Miracle Marines!

MVP – Imae, nice choice!
Outstanding Players – Uchi, Kiyota, Oshima. Can’t disagree!
Fighting Spirit – Wada. Should be “I am so glad we face him only 4 times a year normally” award.

The Marines official site has some great wallpaper – check it out!
They also have photos from the championship bash at the Westin Nagoya.

Lotte also wins the NPB-KBO Club Championship! It was nowhere near as exciting as I would have hoped, but the Miracle Marines won 3-0!

36 thoughts on “2010 Nippon Series CHAMPIONS!”

  1. Is all the ticket lottery work done online, in Japanese? I’m doing well but not that well yet. I will try to get a friend to help. Is there anyway to sign up for the lottery in person somewhere? Where/how do the general sale tickets go? (I know they will go quick so I want to be ready!) Thanks again!!!

  2. It’s online or phone for the lottery. Nothing in person until the general sales, which is 28 October at 10:00. Everything is in Japanese, I don’t know of any way to get them in English.

    I imagine if you get to a Pia kiosk (like at Family Mart or something) at 10:00 on the 28th you might get something. 10:10, maybe not. A Pia store would sell them, too. The Marines website just tells you to go to Circle K/Sunkus, Lawson, or ePlus, so I presume there are no sales at the stadium.

    Surprisingly (to me) there’s no fan club lottery.

  3. There’s no fan club lottery because the ticket sales and merchandising and so on for the Japan Series are run by NPB, not by the individual teams. It’s absolutely ridiculous to MLB fans who will buy season tickets just to get priority for the postseason, but there you have it — all the fanclubbing and going to a bazillion games and so on will get you so far as the playoffs and then you’re done.

  4. Does anyone have an idea how I can watch the Japan Series online?
    Supporting Chiba Lotte Marines form Brussels, Belgium

  5. Thanks, guys, for the advice; I know a couple more of those websites but unfortunately none of them seem to livestream ‘our’ games…
    The miracle continues though; now let’s undo this 0-1 after the 1st inning in game 2.
    Best regards,

  6. Hey, thanks so much for this site! I’m in Chicago and I’m a Marines fan! The fact that they made it to the Japan Series after being in 3rd place all season is simply amazing. I watched the ends of the games on and it was a thrill to see it live. Thanks for the other links, too! Go Marines!がんばって!P.S.: As a White Sox fan, it’s particularly thrilling to see good old Iguchi playing for the Marines!

  7. Ugh, that was brutal. I’m a bit worried if Steve did survuve this onslaught. Hope you are OK down there in Nagoya. Come back up here soon. On our turf, things should be looking better.

    1. I’m OK 🙂 We had fun anyway. As I was saying to my friend John last night, something like this was preferable to losing one via sayonara HR or similar. Those leave after effects; this was just an anomaly.

      The gaiya fans were still as crazy as ever, even down 11!

  8. Hi Steve,

    How did you manage to secure this king of tickets (specially the field wing and the home outfield !!!).
    By internet ?

    I personally tried by lawson/eplus/pia and while I couldn’t access to Lawson and eplus, Pia was quite OK after 10-15 minutes, but I was just able to get some tickets but not in these categories…

  9. I had to go the auction route. I couldn’t get anything via lottery so I just scavenged the auction sites late at night looking for auctions that were just opened with low “instant buy” options. I paid more than face value for both sets, but not so much more for the outfield ones (~4000/ticket) and pretty much in line with what you would normally pay for premium FW seats in the regular season.

    The FW seats went on auction at ~1:30am, I had scooped them up by ~1:40 🙂

    Internet route was horrible – I was able to get my Game 6 tickets in visitor ouendan that way but nothing else! I logged in about 15 minutes ahead of time and kept hitting refresh until they went on sale (this was on eplus). It kept your spot in queue so I had the seats I wanted pre-selected and when the reception opened it gave me the ones I wanted.

    I heard from many this weekend that the phones were worse, absolutely impossible!

  10. I’m in Nagoya at the game. I’ll be there for game 7 as well!

    I really hope there is no game 8, not only because that would mean we lost tonight but also that I can’t go. I don’t know how I could justify sticking around on short notice…

  11. I just saw on their official page that they won the series in the extra innings! I hope it was a great game!! So excited they won!!

  12. Wow, Steve! You were at the game??? FANTASTIC! I watched it on the internet! WHOOOOO! Couldn’t you hear me screaming in Chicago?

  13. Congratulations, Marines fans! I was rooting for Chiba from afar. Glad to see my favorite NPB team prevailed…enjoy the revelry!

  14. I’m impressed with you predicting Imae as the series MVP before all the games were played. You said something like Imae tends to do well in important games and sure enough, he went 4 for 5 and got the well deserved MVP. 2nd Japan Series MVP in total.
    Uchi and Kiyota also did an outstanding job. I’m looking forward to the next game in Tokyo Dome. Should be a good one. YATTAAAA!!!

  15. Hey Steve, know of any online stores or anything that sells Marines merchandise that ships to America?

    Thanks! and lets go Marines!

  16. Ed, I thought it was a pretty easy pick. I’ve never looked that deeply into the statistics but it always seems that when Lotte needs a clutch hit, Imae delivers. I just took a look at his BA with runners on this season – check this out:

    2B – 18/54 (.333), 16 RBI
    2B, 3B – 6/9 (.667), 11 RBI
    3B – 5/9 (.556), 8 RBI
    Bases Loaded – 6/18 (.333), 15 RBI

    The guy is so hot when runs are to be driven in! It’s a pity he spent the first half of the season in the bottom of the order.

    Are you going to the game on Saturday? I have infield unreserved seats and plan on getting there early to reserve a block. We should meet!

  17. Hi Josh,

    There’s not much, really – some of the Rakuten sellers will ship to the US, will but has a limited selection. Your best bet might be to use Yahoo Auction via a proxy service (like Rinkya or Shopping Mall Japan) but that could get expensive, depending on what you are looking for!

  18. Hey Steve, what a great team effort from the Marines! Just shows if you play as a team you can do remarkable things. I felt the only player who didn’t really seem to perform was Murphy…I wonder if the pressure got to him. I am also going to the game on Saturday. I’m going to be pushed to get there much before 2 but if you fancy a drink after it, let me know!

  19. I went to a game this season at Marines Stadium and have have been following the team. I’d love to get a hat/shirt/etc to commemorate the championship. Any idea how I can do that from the US (Washington DC area)?


  20. DaveR, they still haven’t released any commemorative goods. I think it will be next week at the latest before the deluge hits. Once that happens, we can see who is carrying it and I will try to provide some info on how people outside of Japan can order!

  21. Hi, Steve. I willl have to work this weekend as I will be on a business trip away from Tokyo. Oh, well. Please be loud and looking forward to your report.

  22. I’m with DaveR. If you could tell us where we can get their championship goods shipped to US online that would be much appreciated!! :3

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