What a day!

Well, today we lost a ball game against Yakult. We just had one of bad days. Hanging there and shke it off. We will cheer you up with custmized T-shirt soon. Thank Steve-san for letting me write here.

1 thought on “What a day!”

  1. Yes, it was a fun game, but unfortunately we couldn’t win it. It’s only one game, and we get to take our revenge on the Giants this weekend!

    I’ll make a full game report for this game and the last – but I think it won’t be until tomorrow evening. I did just talk to Lotte pitcher Brian Sikorski on the train for about 5 minutes – he’s a very friendly and gracious guy! Hopefully I’ll get the chance to sit down and have a longer chat with him sometime in the future.

    Oh, and Katsu – VERY glad to have you here and writing! 🙂 And I look forward to the t-shirts!

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