Picture and Video Gallery from Spring Camp 2010 – More Stuff to be Added When I am Bored

I’ve started to update my stuff from Spring Camp. There’s a bunch of separate pages – please take a look at the “Spring Camp 2010” heading or follow these direct links:

Pictures – Part 1: These are (mostly) from Friday 12 February
Pictures – Part 2: Now they’re all mixed
Pictures – Part 3
Pictures – Part 4

Videos – Part 1
Videos – Part 2

2 thoughts on “Picture and Video Gallery from Spring Camp 2010 – More Stuff to be Added When I am Bored”

  1. Dear Steve,

    A warm hello from The Netherlands!
    I’m on the verge on embarking on a trip to Tokyo, and I’d very much like to visit next week’s game, Lotte Chiba Marines vs. Yokohama, on Wednesday, March 3.

    Maybe you can help me with some information!
    – Will it be hard to get a ticket to this game? Can I get a ticket just before the game, you think, or should I bother trying to get a ticket in advance? (What would be the smartest way to do that?)
    – I found out the JR Sobu Line will bring me to Makuhari-Hongo Station. Does that train depart from Tokyo Central? (I have some trouble piecing that one together.)
    – The no. 1 bus will bring me from Makuhari-Hongo to Marine Stadium?
    – What will be game time? Early evening?

    It would be great if you could provide me with some information before I depart (on Tuesday, which is – thanks to the time difference – two days from now).
    (Maybe you can send a copy of the mail to my gmail:

    Great site, by the way! I’m soaking up the information!

    Ton de Jong,
    The Netherlands.

    PS. Will you be visiting the Marines-Yokohama game yourself? Maybe we can hook up someway?

  2. Hi Ton,

    This game is a preseason (“open-sen”) game. These are usually very easy to get tickets for, and since this game is in the daytime in the middle of the week I think it will be very, very easy to get a ticket for. I’d be surprised if there were more than a few thousand people there.

    OK, for getting to the stadium: the easiest way from Tokyo station is to take the Keiyo line to Kaihin-Makuhari station. This is the station nearest the ballpark. It’s about a 10 minute walk from the station to the stadium, and there are buses as well. If you do take the JR Sobu line (which does not connect to Tokyo station, it goes to Akihabara/Shinjuku, among other places) you can take a bus from Makuhari Hongo to the stadium.

    The game is 13:00 according to Unfortunately this means I can’t make it as it’s a Wednesday, so I’ll be at work (right by the stadium, incidentally). If you are around for a few weeks I will be at the open-sen game on the 14th.

    If you want to cheer for Lotte, be sure to get a ticket in the outfield (“gaiya” in Japanese) or along the first base side. People are usually quite helpful at the games if you need help with things.

    I hope you have a great time!

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