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Lions Tamed by Marines

Steve has already covered the opening game on Friday night and since he preferred golf to Marines baseball!! I guess I have the honour of saying a few words about Saturday and Sunday at Marines stadium.

Saturday – With Steve gone and a spare ticket available our friend Patrick joined me for Saturday’s fiesta of runs by the Marines. The festive mood of Friday night continued on Saturday and though not seated in the outfield a good time was had by all. Patrick even managed to find some “Texas Tacos”, and according to Patrick they were so delicious he is seriously considering making this his restaurant of choice on game days even if he doesn’t attend the actual game – a recommendation indeed!!

Texas Tacos!
Texas Tacos!

The Lions pitching got a bit of a hammering with the death knoll coming in the 8th. inning when my favourite player, Imae, got his first home run of the season. Hopefully he will stay healthy this year because to me he is the best clutch hitter we have. Though you never know with the Lions, this three run homer was enough to tame the Lions on this day and the Marines triumphed 10-5.

Bobby V. fans were out in force with the Bobby 2010 T-shirts and even petition signing outside the stadium pre game. As Patrick said, Bobby would never get this type of support from the fans in New York even if the Mets won three consecutive World Series’.

Sunday – With another ticket going spare as Steve was still golfing!! It was our friend Trond’s turn to attend. This was only Trond’s second baseball game ever, his first being last years Marines opening night game in the rain and cold temperatures. He was not impressed last year but Sunday was a different story with warm temperatures and good baseball. Trond is still in the learning stage of the game but the beer girls and the atmosphere in the stadium I believe have changed his opinion of baseball gained from his initial foray.

Sunday’s was definitely the best game of the series, the score being all tied at 5-5 in the bottom of the 9th. and the Lions decision to walk Takehara and Iguchi after the leadoff hit by Fukuura, steal by pinch runner Hayasaka, and subsequent passed ball was costly.  Ohmatsu hit a sac fly to right to end the game and send the fans into hopping bedlam.

What a great game, and a good series win for our guys.

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  1. Sad to have missed those games, John! Got a 6 game home stand this week, so I’ll just have to catch them all!

    Can’t believe I missed that taco stand on opening night. Too busy searching out the Korean food, I guess.

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