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Lions Tamed Again

I wish I had gone to the game today but I left it too late. A hitting frenzy today out at the Seibu Dome in beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures – a big difference to yesterday. It would have been a great day out there with a 11-5 win and the beautiful weather. Hopefully we can keep it up.

By the way Steve, don’t know how you got Back to Ikebukuro yesterday but I caught the Ltd. Express which took 35 minutes with only one stop. 350 yen extra but a reserved seat and well worth it. Next time we should try and get it going the other way.

I’ll be away now until after Golden Week but will manage one game while in Houston with the Astros vs. Cubs though after Japan baseball it will be a quiet affair!!

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  1. Mm, I knew about the limited express trains but didn’t want to muck around with them when I didn’t know the stations on the way. I just took the sloooow train back.

    It was a great win today – so great that I think I’ll write a post of my own on it!

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