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Climax Series Final Stage Game 2 – Earning a Victory

To be perfectly honest, there’s just not a hell of a lot to say about this one from a Lotte perspective. Despite the second batter of the game hitting a HR off one of the best pitchers in the PL, Lotte could do nothing against Tsuyoshi Wada and unsurprisingly lost game 2 to the Hawks, 3-1.

When I say nothing I mean NOTHING. Here’s the grand total for the game:

-Kiyota HR (as mentioned)
-Saburo walk (also in first)
-Kim Tae Kyun single (in second)

…and that’s it. Not a single baserunner after the second. 13Ks on the evening. I always say Wada eats us up, but that’s crazy good pitching by him.

The Lotte staff wasn’t too shabby either, too bad the Lotte defense was off or else that 1-0 lead might have held. Three early errors led to two unearned runs for the Hawks, but the pitching combo of Penn, Ono, Yabuta, and Uchi did their job quite well. It would have taken a superhuman effort to beat Wada this night, though.

Best not to dwell on it, there’s more baseball to play. Today is game three, Bill Murphy against D.J. Houlton. It’s a favorable matchup for Lotte as Houlton has had a down season. Let’s tie this series back up!

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